A Trip to the Mountains

Hello everyone! I have missed you so these last few months, but I have been busy! I’ve been staying with my friends here at North Regional Library, and I’ve been traveling with Ms. Stephanie to many awesome schools in Durham. I’ll be posting many more posts to my blog in the next week or so to catch you up on what I’ve been doing. So let’s start now!

MountainsNC2 I took a trip recently with my two friends Caitlin and Adele to a special place in western North Carolina. We took a long car ride to get there where we got to see all kinds of fun signs and things out the window. I found two new stuffed friends named Zenya and Tigger in the car with us. When were climbing into the mountains my ears popped as we got higher.

Once we got to our cabin where we were staying, we looked around at the beautiful cabin that was made of all wood.   It had big logs on the walls and inside there was a wood stove and lots of fun games to play. On our bed we found a new pretty quilt. We had lots of fun with our Aunts and Uncles who are very fun to be with.

MountainsNC1Most days we went hiking around the cabin, finding fun trails or making our own through the woods. It was really fun to be outside exploring. While I was out, I tried to get a new stone for the stone wall out front, but it ended up to be too small to fit in the wall.

As we were packing up I was sad to leave the fun cabin and time with my friends. I can’t wait to go back there with them and go exploring more.


Tommy the Moose

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