Hanging out in Durham

tommycarrietownes  In October I stayed with with Townes and Carrie here in Durham.  I thought we’d be traveling to upstate New York, but our plans were changed into a “staycation”. Even though we were relaxing at home, Carrie and Townes sure do keep busy!

I went everywhere with Carrie and Townes.  I felt so special because they would fight over who got to hold me – ALL THE TIME.  I went to choir, soccer, and many other places with them.  When we were home we read books, played video games, and watched movies.

One of the first days we put up Halloween decorations.  I dressed up in a bat costume! tommylionsI liked the skeleton and creepy spider webs in their windows the best.

Townes and Carrie played a game at a friend’s house with monsters in it called Dungeons and Dragons.  I just watched, but if I ever get to play I would like to be Tomolot, the half moose, half elf spearman.

tommycarrieOn Friday, we finally went to the zoo in Asheboro, NC.  It was so fun and interesting.  I saw so many animals like zebras, ostriches, loins, lemurs, exotic birds, hogs, pythons, and even gorillas. (But no other moose!?) The lions we’re scary, but the lemurs we’re so cute I wanted to take one home with me.  I was excited to learn how big giraffes were.  I loved looking at the cool animal skulls, too.

tommymaxcropI enjoyed being in their home and making trouble with the many other stuffed animals.  Max, the dog puppet was especially fun and we talked way too much!   Carrie and Townes’s dad said we even gave him a headache.  Maybe they will let me come back and trick or treat on Halloween.

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