Labor Day in Michigan with Ms. Stephanie

Family1Over Labor Day weekend, I traveled to Michigan with Ms. Stephanie and her family. We flew in an airplane all the way to Detroit to spend time with Ms. Stephanie’s mom and dad, and her brother and sister.

Airport1First, we stayed with Ms. Stephanie’s sister and brother-in-law near Ann Abor, where Ms. Stephanie went to college. It was so cool to see where she went to school and ate food, but she said it sure does look different than when she was there! While were in Ann Arbor, we explored the campus, visited the Farmers Market, and ate really amazing food from Zingerman’s Deli, one of the best places to eat great food.

Then, we drove to Flint, where her parents and the rest of her family live. We ate lunch at the Flint Farmer’s Market and got pedicures! Ramya really loved getting her toenails painted! The next day, we had a great big picnic and invited all of Ms. Stephanie’s family over. It was so much fun! I played with Ramya and all her cousins the whole day long. At night, we lit a fire in the fire pit, and Ramya and I felll asleep on the hammock.

AirportLoungeIt was a super short trip, and I wish we could have stayed longer. Unfortunately, my wish came true! We missed our connection in Charlotte, so we spent a few extra hours in a lounge in the airport. It was nice to have a private place to relax! Once we got home, we all fell fast asleep. I had a wonderful time with Ms. Stephanie and Ramya, and I can’t wait for our next journey together.












Exploring My Hometown: Durham, North Carolina


SummerReading2Hello everyone! I’m very excited to tell you about my adventures with Prince here in Durham, North Carolina! We had such a fun time together. I was sad to say goodbye to him. I asked Prince to write about our two weeks together, so check it out!



NC Natural Science Museum

It was a rainy Saturday in August, so we headed to the North Carolina Natural Science Museum in Raleigh, N.C. We saw a lot of interesting things. We saw ants, bees, and snakes. They even had a butterfly room! I think this made Tommy homesick. I believe he missed being out in nature.

So the next day, Eno RiverTommy spent the day with me at Eno Discovery Camp. Tommy met all the kids and staff at camp, and they loved him, of course. We had a bunch of fun. The camp was held at Eno River State Park in Durham.  He really liked being out in nature; I think that’s where he is happiest. We went on hikes, which was hard work but definitely worth it. We also went boating. Tommy even hiked all the way to Turtle Rock. At the end of the day, we were so tired, Tommy didn’t even say a word. He just fell fast asleep in his bed with his clothes on!

Botanical GardenWe took another trip to The North Carolina Botanical Garden, where we had a lot of fun. Tommy and I saw a lot of different kinds of plants and flowers. We also saw a lot of hummingbirds and birds. We took a hike through the garden. The Garden was divided up in sections, just like North Carolina. They had an area for each part of the state: Coastal , Piedmont, and Mountain areas. Each area had plants from that part of North Carolina. The Coastal Area had plants from the coast, like the Venus Fly Trap. Tommy was speechless!!!!

SummerReading1Finally, Tommy and I got to check out the Durham Library’s Summer Reading Finale. It was at the Museum of Life and Science. It was great to explore the museum, especially the dinosaurs outside. Tommy was really happy to see his family again, especially Ms. Shelley, who also works at North Regional.

Overall, I had so much fun with Tommy, and I can’t wait to show him more parts of Durham, soon!

A Family Reunion in Ohio

OnaSlideHi everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been away for a few weeks, but I’ve been traveling! I explored Durham, drove to Ohio and back, relaxed on an island paradise, and flew all the way to Michigan! I’ve exhausted, but it’s been so much fun spending time with my friends and meeting their families. Let’s start with my trip to Ohio with the Phelps family. Samuel and I had such a great time together, and I can’t wait for our next adventure together!

KarateWhen I first came home with Samuel, the first thing we did was visit him at his karate class. He got to watch the kids practice their kicks and punches. They are so very strong!

After karate class, we hopped in the car and drove to Ohio with the rest of the family. We drove for 12 hours! And I thought the drive to Florida was long – boy, was I wrong! VALuckily, I can sleep in any place, as I learned with my friend, Cole, so I wasn’t bothered. I slept the entire way, but Samuel thought it was rather long. We stopped on the way to get a photo in Virginia. Doesn’t Samuel look happy?


atthepoolThe first thing we did when they arrived at the hotel in Ohio was go swimming at the pool. It was very cold! I didn’t realize how the weather in Ohio is cooler than the weather in North Carolina. PhelpsFamilyReunionI was relieved when we found the hot tub nearby. We stayed nice and toasty warm. The next day, I had the chance to meet all of Samuel’s family, including his cousins. It was a lot of fun. They are a lovely family, warm and welcoming. Thank you to my new friends!

MayberryJailOn the way back to North Carolina, we stopped by the Andy Griffith Museum in Mt. Airy, NC. Would you believe that Samuel and I were arrested for eating ice cream on the street? Just kidding! We just pretended to be in jail. We also got to drive a motorbike and a jet.

AndyGriffithMuseumOverall, it was a fantastic trip, and I’m grateful for the chance to hang out with Samuel.

Look for more posts soon! I can’t wait to tell you about my adventures in my hometown, Durham!