Tommy’s Penpals: St. Louis

StLouis1 This year, the city of St. Louis turned 250 years old. Wow, that is OLD! Well, my friend visited St. Louis this summer, and he participated in all the cool activities they are doing right now to celebrate the birthday.  He took a photo of himself saying hi! Wasn’t that so thoughtful?

He told me that Charles Lindbergh is from St. Louis. Mr. Lindbergh was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean all by himself. He made the nonstop flight on May 20-21, 1927.

I also learned that Scott Joplin is from St. Louis. Do you know the song that plays a lot on ice cream trucks? Well, it’s called “The Entertainer,” and Mr. Joplin wrote it in 1902!

Finally, the city of St. Louis is right on the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River is 2,340 miles long! Many Native Americans lived right here in St. Louis on the Mississippi, where they could hunt lots of animals, gather the fruits of the trees, and catch fish from the river.

I really hope that I can visit St. Louis some day. In the meantime, I look forward to traveling with my friends and receiving photos and postcards from my penpals.

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