Florida with Cole

coletommyHi everyone! A couple weeks ago, I traveled with my good friend, Cole, all the way to Florida. So now I’ve been as far north as Wisconsin and as far south as Florida. When can I go out West??

I asked Cole to write a short story about our journey, so here it is!

Tommy started a long adventure with me on Tuesday, July 15. We started out with a visit to Master’s Garden Preschool in Mrs. Dawn’s 4 years classroom. That’s where we learned about walls, and we had so much fun playing a lot.

After school, we started the VERY long drive to Florida. It rained the whole time, but luckily Tommy and I slept through the storm.  While we were in Florida, we went to the beach. Tommy told me about all beaches he’s seen this summer, but this was the only time he got to ride on a ferry! We also saw a waterspout, which was really cool.

After all that time at the beach, we decided to hang out in the nice clean pool. Tommy hadn’t been to a pool before; he wanted to know where the sand was! Silly Tommy. We also had a lot of fun at my grandma’s house, where we watched Planes and Frozen.

Tommy was the coolest travel friend, and I can’t wait to take him with me on another adventure!

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