Tommy’s Penpals: Great Britain

london12Hello everyone! I am very excited to introduce my friend, Lane Devereaux. He lives in Ruthin Castle, Wales. Wales is a country that is a part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain. Wales is right next to England, which is where these photographs are from. Well, I have been writing to Lane for awhile, and I thought it might be fun to share one of his latest letters. Enjoy! unitedkingdom

Dear Tommy,

Hello from the United Kingdom! In your last letter, you told me how rainy it has been in Durham, North Carolina, and I wanted to share that it is always rainy here. Unlike your typical sunny and hot days, we usually have very cool and rainy days. For example, today was only 65 degrees Fahrenheit and very rainy. But I love it!

london1This weekend I traveled to London to visit my friend, Paddington Bear. We had lovely brunch of my favorite food:”toad in a hole”. Since I’m guessing you’ve never heard of that, I’ll share a photo:


Doesn’t it look just delicious? We cooked our meal together, since that is one of our favorite things to do. We also love to ride our bicycles, so we rode around some beautiful castles nearby. Lots of people ride their bicycles in London to help get from one place to another even faster than walking. We also castletake the Tube, which is the subway system. It’s best not to have a car in London when you’re visiting, since the public transportation is just so easy!

Paddington and I enjoyed shopping and walking around town. Next time, I think we’ll go cave hunting. Doesn’t that sound like a fun adventure?

I look forward to seeing what you’re up to and where you have been traveling.

Lots of love,









Tommy’s Penpals: St. Louis

StLouis1 This year, the city of St. Louis turned 250 years old. Wow, that is OLD! Well, my friend visited St. Louis this summer, and he participated in all the cool activities they are doing right now to celebrate the birthday.  He took a photo of himself saying hi! Wasn’t that so thoughtful?

He told me that Charles Lindbergh is from St. Louis. Mr. Lindbergh was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean all by himself. He made the nonstop flight on May 20-21, 1927.

I also learned that Scott Joplin is from St. Louis. Do you know the song that plays a lot on ice cream trucks? Well, it’s called “The Entertainer,” and Mr. Joplin wrote it in 1902!

Finally, the city of St. Louis is right on the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River is 2,340 miles long! Many Native Americans lived right here in St. Louis on the Mississippi, where they could hunt lots of animals, gather the fruits of the trees, and catch fish from the river.

I really hope that I can visit St. Louis some day. In the meantime, I look forward to traveling with my friends and receiving photos and postcards from my penpals.

Tommy’s Penpals: Ghana

Hi guys! As I’m traveling around the world, I’m meeting so many new and interesting people. It’s been such a wonderful chance to see the way things happen in other people’s lives and homes. GhanaI’ve invited my new friends to be my penpals, so you’ll start seeing friends from all over the world posting to let us know the adventures they have, too! I’m really excited to introduce you to some of my friends!

Here’s my friend Bobo. He lives in Accra, Ghana, which is in Africa. In this photograph, he is with his best friend, Queen Nana Noyana Opata. That’s right, she is royalty! Check out his letter to us, but stay tuned to learn more from our friends around the world.

Dear Tommy,

Hello from Africa! I’m very glad to meet you and all of your friends in Durham, North Carolina. I am looking forward to our letters!

Let me start by telling you about some of my favorite things. First of all, I love food! map-ghana-africa-impMy favorite foods are French fries, fried plantains, and rice, goat stew. But my favorite thing to eat? That is definitely Waakya, which is spaghetti, beans, and fried fish wrapped in a leaf. Yum!

When I’m not busy eating, I love to spend time with my best friend, Queen Nana Noyana Opata. Together, we often enjoy spending time in the market,where we buy all of our delicious food. My other favorite thing, besides food, is getting hugs from all the kids in our village. I hope you get to meet them all some day.

I love seeing the adventures you’re having with your friends, so please keep posting them!






Florida with Cole

coletommyHi everyone! A couple weeks ago, I traveled with my good friend, Cole, all the way to Florida. So now I’ve been as far north as Wisconsin and as far south as Florida. When can I go out West??

I asked Cole to write a short story about our journey, so here it is!

Tommy started a long adventure with me on Tuesday, July 15. We started out with a visit to Master’s Garden Preschool in Mrs. Dawn’s 4 years classroom. That’s where we learned about walls, and we had so much fun playing a lot.

After school, we started the VERY long drive to Florida. It rained the whole time, but luckily Tommy and I slept through the storm.  While we were in Florida, we went to the beach. Tommy told me about all beaches he’s seen this summer, but this was the only time he got to ride on a ferry! We also saw a waterspout, which was really cool.

After all that time at the beach, we decided to hang out in the nice clean pool. Tommy hadn’t been to a pool before; he wanted to know where the sand was! Silly Tommy. We also had a lot of fun at my grandma’s house, where we watched Planes and Frozen.

Tommy was the coolest travel friend, and I can’t wait to take him with me on another adventure!