Welcome Back to School!

backtoschoolYesterday, I went to two open houses with Ms. Stephanie: Easley Elementary and Holt Elementary. Both of these schools are year-round, so school starts next week for the kids who go there! I think going to school all year long is a great idea because then you don’t forget all the smart things you learned throughout the year! Good thinking, guys!

easley1Well, we started the day at Easley, and we sat at a table right outside the media center. We also happened to be next to the After School Program table, which was fantastic! We met Mr. Smith, who runs the program. Ms. Stephanie and I are so excited to work with Mr. Smith and the kids to put together some exciting new programs for the school year. Keep a look out for what’s coming soon!

Next, we went over to Holt, where we had a huge table across from the school nurse. Well, that table over there was super cool because you got to make pretend sandwiches and talk about food. How fun! We got to spend some time in the preschool class with Ms. Jones. Those preschoolers are so much fun, and we can’t wait for our first visit in September for storytime!

It was so much fun to meet all the families who attend Easley and Holt. Everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic to talk to us. I can’t wait to see you all in the fall for our awesome programs. I’m even more excited to see all the new places I get to go. So don’t forget about me as you consider future travels – even your first class field trip!

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